Codycross Under the sea Group 40 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Goal A Business Is Trying To Reach
Solution: Target

Question: A Smash Hit Duet By Santana And Rob Thomas
Solution: Smooth

Question: Alexander Bell Inventor Of The Telephone
Solution: Graham

Question: Another Name For Flagpoles
Solution: Staffs

Question: Blue Geothermal Spa In Iceland
Solution: Lagoon

Question: Character In Dickens A Tale Of Two Cities
Solution: Sydney

Question: Cuisine Closely Associated With Kimchi
Solution: Korean

Question: Cut And Polished Precious Stones Gems
Solution: Jewels

Question: Firmly Fixed In Place Unshakeable
Solution: Steady

Question: Gaul Who Fell In A Cauldron Of Magic Potion
Solution: Obelix

Question: Large Area Full Of Trees And Bushes
Solution: Forest

Question: Large Building In India
Solution: Bhavan

Question: Little Richards Favorite Flavor Tutti
Solution: Frutti

Question: Little Richards Preferred Ice Cream Tutti
Solution: Frutti

Question: Little Blue Pills Called Sildenafil
Solution: Viagra

Question: MP3 Digital Music Device IPod
Solution: Player

Question: Martial Arts Weapons With Long Blades Eg Katana
Solution: Swords

Question: Memorial Said To Contain Relics Of Buddha
Solution: Dagoba

Question: Person Who Commits Illegal Actions At Sea
Solution: Pirate

Question: Power Needed To Do Something
Solution: Energy

Question: Prior To Now Earlier Previously
Solution: Before

Question: Roof Of The Mouth Referred To In Wine Tasting
Solution: Palate

Question: Small Dish To Hold A Cup Or Mug
Solution: Saucer

Question: Songwriter Who Composed 118 Pop Hits King
Solution: Carole

Question: Space Famous Seattle Landmark
Solution: Needle

Question: Table Aka Ping Pong An Olympic Sport
Solution: Tennis

Question: The Kitchen Of An Aircraft
Solution: Galley

Question: They Also Built Pyramids
Solution: Aztecs

Question: To Give Approval Agreement Consent
Solution: Accede

Question: Where Dead Bodies Are Kept For Autopsy
Solution: Morgue

Question: Where Your Feet Go On A Bicycle
Solution: Pedals

Question: William Who Made Motorbikes With Davidson
Solution: Harley

Question: Burns Smoking Comedian Lived To 100
Solution: George

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