Codycross Inventions Group 41 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Circus Performer With All The Balls In The Air
Solution: Juggler

Question: A Famous Puzzle Solver
Solution: Oedipus

Question: Annual African American Heritage Celebration
Solution: Kwanzaa

Question: Baroque Musician Who Composed The Four Seasons
Solution: Vivaldi

Question: Blue Ringed Sea Creature Kills With Neurotoxin
Solution: Octopus

Question: Burnt To A Exhausted
Solution: Frazzle

Question: David Director Of Fight Club
Solution: Fincher

Question: Developed Radio Telegraph System Guglielmo
Solution: Marconi

Question: Eaten Soft Or Hard Popular Salted Bread
Solution: Pretzel

Question: Ecosystem Of Treeless Grasslands In Russia
Solution: Steppes

Question: Extreme Expression Of Disapproval
Solution: Censure

Question: Frenchman Created Catalog Of Celestial Bodies
Solution: Messier

Question: General Name For A Member Of The Army
Solution: Soldier

Question: Intoxicating Liquid Sold In A Bar
Solution: Alcohol

Question: Jean Lead Character Of Les Miserables
Solution: Valjean

Question: Joyces Dublin Tale Of Dedalus And Bloom
Solution: Ulysses

Question: Levi Inventor Of The Denim Jeans
Solution: Strauss

Question: Mars Jupiter Earth Venus Are These
Solution: Planets

Question: Meet Me In Musical With Judy Garland
Solution: St louis

Question: Nooked In A Small Recessed Section Of A Room
Solution: Alcoved

Question: Reduces Temperature Dramatically To Sub Zero
Solution: Freezes

Question: Replies To Questions Either Right Or Wrong
Solution: Answers

Question: Slightly Different Form Of Program Or Story
Solution: Version

Question: The Ear Is The Organ
Solution: Hearing

Question: The Eye Of An Is Bigger Than Its Brain
Solution: Ostrich

Question: To Dress Or Adorned With Tasteless Showiness
Solution: Bedizen

Question: Vodka Whiskey Gin Intoxicating Liquid
Solution: Alcohol

Question: Wayne Canadian Ice Hockey Superstar
Solution: Gretzky

Question: What Cheats Never Do
Solution: Prosper

Question: If You Cant Stand The Heat Get Out Of The
Solution: Kitchen

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