Codycross Under the sea Group 40 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Decorative Scented Bouquet Of Dried Flowers
Solution: Potpourri

Question: A Private Eye Who Grew Orchids
Solution: Nero wolfe

Question: Adding Water Or Moisture
Solution: Hydrating

Question: Clean Hands In This Bathroom Furniture
Solution: Wash basin

Question: Denying Parentage
Solution: Disowning

Question: Driving A Stolen Car For Fun
Solution: Joyriding

Question: EEG Brain Exam Aka Test
Solution: Brain wave

Question: Fashion Style Baggy Male Clothes For Women
Solution: Boyfriend

Question: First Man On The Moon Neil
Solution: Armstrong

Question: He Or She Works With Wood For A Living
Solution: Carpenter

Question: Home Of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Solution: Cleveland

Question: In In Bad Condition Due To Neglect
Solution: Disrepair

Question: Last Name Of Child Actress In ET
Solution: Barrymore

Question: Moisturizing Adding Water
Solution: Hydrating

Question: One Who Paints House Walls And Woodwork
Solution: Decorator

Question: Pert Little Ones
Solution: Whipsters

Question: Popular Hot Chocolate Brand Comes In Packets
Solution: Swiss miss

Question: Romantic Male Companion
Solution: Boyfriend

Question: Shiniest Most Polished
Solution: Glossiest

Question: Someone Who Studies The Past
Solution: Historian

Question: The 80s Movie About A Martial Art
Solution: Karate kid

Question: The Most Notable Inhabitant Of The Sherwood Forest
Solution: Robin hood

Question: Unduly Held As Faultless
Solution: Sacred cow

Question: War Of 1982 In The South Atlantic
Solution: Falklands

Question: Tentacles Lives Next To SpongeBob
Solution: Squidward

Question: Missiles Have Predetermined Trajectories
Solution: Ballistic

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