Codycross Under the sea Group 40 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 1024 Gigabytes Is Equal To 1
Solution: Terabyte

Question: 1st Woman To Get The Pulitzer For Poetry Sara
Solution: Teasdale

Question: A Basketball Player
Solution: Hoopster

Question: A Plantation Of Grapes Aimed To Wine Production
Solution: Vineyard

Question: All Work And No Play Makes Jack
Solution: A dull boy

Question: Board And Pieces Including Rook For Classic Game
Solution: Chess set

Question: Cooking In A Gridiron With Heat Coming From Below
Solution: Grilling

Question: Drainage Bowl For Pasta
Solution: Colander

Question: Infernal Determination To Achieve Something
Solution: Hell bent

Question: Made To Be Broken Just Like Piecrusts
Solution: Promises

Question: Molieres Play About A Hypocrite
Solution: Tartuffe

Question: Ocular Covering Worn By A Pirate
Solution: Eyepatch

Question: Organized Activities To Raise Public Awareness
Solution: Campaign

Question: Part Of The Stopping System Of A Car
Solution: Brake pad

Question: Point Farthest From The Sun Of Orbiting Space Body
Solution: Aphelion

Question: Popeye Starred Robin And Shelley Duvall
Solution: Williams

Question: Replenishing Power Eg To A Phone
Solution: Charging

Question: Running Being In Charge Of
Solution: Managing

Question: Spotty Pattern On Fabric
Solution: Polka dot

Question: Stone Used By The Maya To Enhance Their Weapons
Solution: Obsidian

Question: Tchaikovskys Failed Ballet Now Famous
Solution: Swan lake

Question: The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Is Here
Solution: Hatteras

Question: Uplifting Illuminative
Solution: Edifying

Question: Used For Injured Optical Part Of Pirate Getup
Solution: Eyepatch

Question: Villains In Another Brick In The Wall
Solution: Teachers

Question: Vindictive Unkind
Solution: Spiteful

Question: Without Added Sodium Chloride
Solution: Unsalted

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