Codycross Under the sea Group 40 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 1976 Oscar Winner Over The Cuckoos Nest
Solution: One flew

Question: 20000 Under The Sea A Jules Verne Novel
Solution: Leagues

Question: Anita She Set Up The Body Shop
Solution: Roddick

Question: Bath To Hold Baby Safe And Still While Bathing
Solution: Support

Question: Breast Bone Bone In The Middle Of The Chest
Solution: Sternum

Question: Channel Indecisive About What To Watch On TV
Solution: Hopping

Question: Clothing To Disguise Someone
Solution: Costume

Question: Connie American Horror Story Nashville
Solution: Britton

Question: Cooking French Style
Solution: Cuisine

Question: Counselor
Solution: Advisor

Question: Country Of Tintin Poirot And The Smurfs
Solution: Belgium

Question: Cruising Around In A Yacht
Solution: Sailing

Question: Even Moderately Slow Tempo
Solution: Andante

Question: Having Marks Of An Earlier Period Antique
Solution: Archaic

Question: Huge Long Fish With A Compressed Body
Solution: Oarfish

Question: Irish Basketball Team Of Larry Bird
Solution: Celtics

Question: Man Someone Is Married To
Solution: Husband

Question: Meatballs Greens Pasta Combo Italian Soup
Solution: Wedding

Question: Mobster Tony Father To AJ And Meadow
Solution: Soprano

Question: North American Bear
Solution: Grizzly

Question: One Of Seven Sovereign States Of The UAE
Solution: Emirate

Question: Pain You Feel When Your Organ Of Hearing Hurts
Solution: Earache

Question: Points One Gets For Currying Favor
Solution: Brownie

Question: Puffed Up Heated Kernels With Sugar And Or Salt
Solution: Popcorn

Question: Related To The Shoreline
Solution: Coastal

Question: Saga Of A Heros Return From The Trojan War
Solution: Odyssey

Question: Ten Times The Amount
Solution: Tenfold

Question: Test Used To Ensure You Are Human And Not A Robot
Solution: Captcha

Question: The Meat Of A Deer
Solution: Venison

Question: What You Call One Of 7 Sovereign States Of The UAE
Solution: Emirate

Question: White Nuts That Are Shaped Like Kidneys
Solution: Cashews

Question: Wrote The Libretto For Cosi Fan Tutte
Solution: Da ponte

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