Codycross Under the sea Group 39 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Much Sweeter Type Of Vinegar
Solution: Balsamic

Question: Anything To Do With A Mother Grandmother
Solution: Maternal

Question: At Full Moon A Person Who Becomes Lupine
Solution: Werewolf

Question: Being Recommended To Another Type Of Doctor
Solution: Referral

Question: Constant Wears Away The Stone
Solution: Dripping

Question: Cybill Bruce Williss Moonlighting Co Star
Solution: Shepherd

Question: Diana Ross And The
Solution: Supremes

Question: Educating
Solution: Teaching

Question: Fausts Love
Solution: Gretchen

Question: It Literally Means The Green Of Earth
Solution: Verditer

Question: Jennifer Actress Of The Hunger Games
Solution: Lawrence

Question: Last Man Tim Allens Second Attempt TV Series
Solution: Standing

Question: Miner Stampede To San Francisco In 1849
Solution: Gold rush

Question: Organ That Grows Throughout Pregnancy
Solution: Placenta

Question: Pounded Pulsed
Solution: Throbbed

Question: Related To The Father Of Psychoanalysis
Solution: Freudian

Question: Someone Who Practices Law
Solution: Attorney

Question: Someone Who Works In The Law Field
Solution: Attorney

Question: Synchronized Is An Underwater Dance Event
Solution: Swimming

Question: Teacher Professor
Solution: Educator

Question: The Game Of Poker Usually Requires That
Solution: Gambling

Question: The State Or Quality Of Being Calm Tranquil
Solution: Serenity

Question: They Grow On Birds Wings
Solution: Feathers

Question: This City Not Rio Is Brazils Capital
Solution: Brasilia

Question: Woman Spirit That Shifts Into A Spider In Japan
Solution: Jorogumo

Question: World Wide Network Of Computers
Solution: Internet

Question: Engine Steam Powered Vehicle With Big Wheel
Solution: Traction

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