Codycross Under the sea Group 39 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 1970 Best Picture Oscar Winning War Film
Solution: Patton

Question: 1973 Bond Film Live And
Solution: Let die

Question: A Particular Status Or Phase Angle Side
Solution: Aspect

Question: An OPEC Country Saudi
Solution: Arabia

Question: Another Name For The Universe As A Whole
Solution: Cosmos

Question: David Horatio On CSI Miami
Solution: Caruso

Question: Fluffs Up Cushions
Solution: Plumps

Question: Francesco Italian Baroque Painter
Solution: Albani

Question: Gloria Sang About Surviving Before Beyonce
Solution: Gaynor

Question: In India Widow Once Burnt At Husbands Pyre
Solution: Suttee

Question: Informal Trousers For Men Or Women
Solution: Slacks

Question: Large Heavy Artillery That Fires Stone Balls
Solution: Cannon

Question: Metal Fastening On Some Shoes
Solution: Buckle

Question: Misfortune Reversal
Solution: Whammy

Question: Outdoor Meal Often Eaten At Parks
Solution: Picnic

Question: Outdoor Meal Often Eaten On The Grass At A Park
Solution: Picnic

Question: Phoebes Maiden Name In Friends TV Series
Solution: Buffay

Question: Plan Or Outline To Be Done
Solution: Agenda

Question: Pleasure Voyage On A Ship
Solution: Cruise

Question: Put To Death Butchered
Solution: Slayed

Question: Rule Of Design Strategy Based On A 3×3 Grid
Solution: Thirds

Question: Sassy Elderly Girls Sitcom Starring Betty White
Solution: Golden

Question: Sea Cradles Coat Of Mail Shells Formally Loricate
Solution: Chiton

Question: Spheres
Solution: Globes

Question: Sprinted A Faster Pace Than Someone Else
Solution: Outran

Question: Stitch Used To Hold Tissue Together In The Body
Solution: Suture

Question: Taking A Photo Of Oneself
Solution: Selfie

Question: US Tennis Grand Slam Tournament
Solution: Us open

Question: Where The Devil Usually Is
Solution: Detail

Question: Young Man Who Died When Flying Towards The Sun
Solution: Icarus

Question: Of The Sexes Riggs Vs King Grudge Tennis Match
Solution: Battle

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