Codycross Under the sea Group 38 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: American Nobel Prize Winning Economist
Solution: Krugman

Question: Breed Of Cat Known For Its Size And Calm Attitude
Solution: Ragdoll

Question: Dice Game With Scoring Combinations
Solution: Yahtzee

Question: Disorder Associated With Mood Swings
Solution: Bipolar

Question: Exaggerated Movement
Solution: Flounce

Question: Feeling Embarrassed About Ones Actions
Solution: Ashamed

Question: First Collectible Original Print Run Book
Solution: Edition

Question: Flair Elan
Solution: Panache

Question: Flat Heated Surface Found In Restaurant Kitchens
Solution: Griddle

Question: Gave A Wish As A Genie Would
Solution: Granted

Question: Geometric Shape With Nine Sides
Solution: Nonagon

Question: Gigantic Tentacular Monster Created By Lovecraft
Solution: Cthulhu

Question: Golden Honey Brown Sugar Breakfast Meal
Solution: Grahams

Question: Large Cat With A Yellowish Coat And Black Spots
Solution: Leopard

Question: Large Scale Rotating Air Mass
Solution: Cyclone

Question: Mental Disorder Of Two Halves
Solution: Bipolar

Question: Mental Disorder That Causes Extreme Mood Swings
Solution: Bipolar

Question: Michael Phelps Is A Retired
Solution: Swimmer

Question: Not A Success
Solution: Failure

Question: Place On A Website Where You Find Old News
Solution: Archive

Question: Rapid Brisk Tempo
Solution: Allegro

Question: Regarding Something With Esteem Love Honor
Solution: Adoring

Question: Rescue A Wreck
Solution: Salvage

Question: The P In GDP
Solution: Product

Question: The Most Famous Pokemon
Solution: Pikachu

Question: The Usual Time When Someone Sleeps
Solution: Bedtime

Question: To Prorogue Recess Suspend
Solution: Adjourn

Question: To Wrap In Blankets
Solution: Swaddle

Question: Jones Portrayed By Renee Zellwegger
Solution: Bridget

Question: Trench Deepest Known Part Of The Ocean
Solution: Mariana

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