Codycross Under the sea Group 38 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Group Of Military Aircrafts
Solution: Squadron

Question: Beer Cans Are Made Of This
Solution: Tinplate

Question: Ben Won An Oscar For Playing Gandhi
Solution: Kingsley

Question: Beta Test Version Of A Nearly Product
Solution: Finished

Question: Caliphate Founded In The Arabian Peninsula In 632
Solution: Rashidun

Question: Containers In Which Nibs Are Dipped
Solution: Inkwells

Question: Crystalline Form Of Aluminium Oxide
Solution: Corundum

Question: Florida Hockey Team Founded In 1993
Solution: Panthers

Question: Flowers On A Tree
Solution: Blossoms

Question: Football Manager Called Himself The Special One
Solution: Mourinho

Question: Form Of Death Penalty Hanging
Solution: Lynching

Question: Idleness
Solution: Laziness

Question: Irukandji Is A Tiny Jellyfish From Australia
Solution: Venomous

Question: Large Estate Used For Farming Or Ranching
Solution: Hacienda

Question: Letter Pad On Computers Can Be Found On A Piano
Solution: Keyboard

Question: Long Running Animated Sitcom
Solution: Simpsons

Question: Masonic Group That Wear Fezzes And Runs Hospitals
Solution: Shriners

Question: Money Comes Easily From It
Solution: Milch cow

Question: Monstrous Reptile With Magical Powers
Solution: Basilisk

Question: Only This Woman Could Love Her Demonic Baby
Solution: Rosemary

Question: Produces Digestive Hormones Including Insulin
Solution: Pancreas

Question: Root Housing For Hair
Solution: Follicle

Question: Rounded Handle You Twist To Enter A Room
Solution: Doorknob

Question: Scare Someone
Solution: Frighten

Question: Single Wheeled Bike
Solution: Unicycle

Question: Something Related To The Sea Or Ships
Solution: Maritime

Question: The Autobots Commandos Team
Solution: Wreckers

Question: Three Wheeled Transport
Solution: Tricycle

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