Codycross Under the sea Group 36 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Term For Newspaper The Phoenix
Solution: Gazette

Question: A Very Large Piece Of Ice Floating In The Ocean
Solution: Iceberg

Question: African Leader Was Jailed For 27 Years
Solution: Mandela

Question: Fear Of Is Kopophobia
Solution: Fatigue

Question: Gem Quality Olivine
Solution: Peridot

Question: Harmful Anagram Of Evaders
Solution: Adverse

Question: Hero Who Killed The Minotaur
Solution: Theseus

Question: Item Or Service A Business Offers
Solution: Product

Question: Item With Lenses Worn On The Nose To See Better
Solution: Glasses

Question: Kitchen Utensil To Mix Ingredients In High Speed
Solution: Blender

Question: Large Pale Antelopes From North Africa
Solution: Addaxes

Question: Long Asian Pasta Threads Eaten For A Long Life
Solution: Noodles

Question: New York Ice Hockey Team Part Of Original Six
Solution: Rangers

Question: Pam Partnered Navratilova In Many Tennis Wins
Solution: Shriver

Question: Person Who Fights In A War
Solution: Soldier

Question: Prancing Horse Fast Car Maker
Solution: Ferrari

Question: Simon And Garfunkel Paradoxical Song Sound Of
Solution: Silence

Question: Slimmer
Solution: Thinner

Question: Someone Torn By An Inner Conflict
Solution: Agonist

Question: The Mysterious Final Word Of Charles Foster Kane
Solution: Rosebud

Question: To Care For A Child While Parents Are Away
Solution: Babysit

Question: To Cheer Clap Show Approval Or Praise
Solution: Applaud

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