Codycross Under the sea Group 35 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Flat Bodied Fish Or A Verb Meaning To Struggle
Solution: Flounder

Question: A Room Or Compartment With A Toilet And Washbasin
Solution: Lavatory

Question: A Theater Program Announcing The Cast
Solution: Playbill

Question: Act Of Educating Oneself On New Things
Solution: Learning

Question: Agatha Also Known As The Queen Of Crime
Solution: Christie

Question: Ball Game Similar To Baseball
Solution: Rounders

Question: Black Olive Paste With Anchovies
Solution: Tapenade

Question: Britannicus Father Who Adopted Nero
Solution: Claudius

Question: British City Best Known For Its Cathedral
Solution: Coventry

Question: Brochure Announcing The Cast Of A Play
Solution: Playbill

Question: Condition That Causes Sleep Difficulties
Solution: Insomnia

Question: Describes The Up And Down Action Of A Ball
Solution: Bouncing

Question: Have Eased Worry Or Anxiety
Solution: Relieved

Question: Long And Narrow Land Next To The Ocean
Solution: Seacoast

Question: Made Of Clay That Has Been Hardened By Heat
Solution: Ceramics

Question: Month In Which The US Has Its Shortest Day
Solution: December

Question: Olive Is An Extremely Venomous Swimming Serpent
Solution: Sea snake

Question: Person Who Buys Goods And Services
Solution: Consumer

Question: Polluting Destroying Someones Good Name
Solution: Tainting

Question: Scientist Who Studies Plants
Solution: Botanist

Question: Small Unimportant Details
Solution: Minutiae

Question: Song Words Aid For Congregations
Solution: Hymn book

Question: Study Of Soil Natural Environment
Solution: Pedology

Question: Two Masted Sailing Vessel And A Drinking Glass
Solution: Schooner

Question: Viral Infection That Causes A Painful Rash
Solution: Shingles

Question: What Who Rides A Tiger Is Afraid Of
Solution: Dismount

Question: Winged Creature That Comes Alive From Stone
Solution: Gargoyle

Question: Written Piece Of Information
Solution: Document

Question: And Cheese Thomas Jeffersons Preferred Meal
Solution: Macaroni

Question: And Cheese A Popular Pasta Dish
Solution: Macaroni

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