Codycross Under the sea Group 34 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 70s Romantic Comedy Starring Allen And Keaton
Solution: Annie hall

Question: Burn Scented Oils Aka Diffusers
Solution: Aroma lamp

Question: Central Processing Unit Of A Computer
Solution: Mainframe

Question: Dish For Bread Next To A Table Setting
Solution: Side plate

Question: Doctors Identification Of An Illness Disease
Solution: Diagnosis

Question: Doubts Questions Dubitates
Solution: Hesitates

Question: Edible Spheres Usually Paired With Spaghetti
Solution: Meatballs

Question: Founder Of Ford Motor Company
Solution: Henry ford

Question: Generic Adaptable
Solution: Universal

Question: Leader Of The Tibetan Buddhists
Solution: Dalai lama

Question: Opposite Of A Dictatorship
Solution: Democracy

Question: Organ Of A Worm Or Spider Emitting Silk
Solution: Spinneret

Question: Overall Made Usually Of Blue Denim
Solution: Dungarees

Question: Pauses Before Doing Something
Solution: Hesitates

Question: Professionals Who Fix The Face Of Tennis Rackets
Solution: Stringers

Question: Prominent US Author From 1920s Lost Generation
Solution: Hemingway

Question: Quiff Like Hair That Stands Up Above The Forehead
Solution: Pompadour

Question: Raw Material Crop Bought And Sold
Solution: Commodity

Question: Red Fruity Sauce Served With Roast Turkey
Solution: Cranberry

Question: Relating To The Lungs
Solution: Pulmonary

Question: Sea Between India Maldives Lakshadweep
Solution: Laccadive

Question: Shed For Collecting Road Tax
Solution: Tollbooth

Question: Something That Is Unclear Not Exact
Solution: Ambiguous

Question: Supply Needed For A Specific Purpose
Solution: Equipment

Question: The Outermost Part Of The Earths Atmosphere
Solution: Exosphere

Question: Tollund Man An Example Of These Mummified People
Solution: Bog bodies

Question: Unclear Not Exact
Solution: Ambiguous

Question: Very Large Indeed
Solution: Humongous

Question: When A Batter Fails To Hit After Three Pitches
Solution: Strikeout

Question: Wife Of Pharaoh Who Started A Revolution In Egypt
Solution: Nefertiti

Question: Works With Law But Not In The Level Of A Lawyer
Solution: Paralegal

Question: Is The Mother Of Invention
Solution: Necessity

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