Codycross Under the sea Group 34 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: Aint No High Enough Gaye Terrell
Solution: Mountain

Question: 2016 Slang For Really Good On Point
Solution: Snatched

Question: A Conduit For Large Quantities Of Flowing Water
Solution: Aqueduct

Question: Brown Spice Used In Baking Drinks And Desserts
Solution: Cinnamon

Question: Bumbling Detective In The Pink Panther Films
Solution: Clouseau

Question: Chemical Element Meaning Heavy Stone In Swedish
Solution: Tungsten

Question: Close Combat Between Armed Aircraft
Solution: Dogfight

Question: Cloth Or Plastic Strips To Cover A Wound
Solution: Bandages

Question: Cloth Strips To Wrap A Wound
Solution: Bandages

Question: Decorative Glass Bottle For Pouring Wine
Solution: Decanter

Question: Dress With Small Shoulder Straps Worn In Summer
Solution: Sundress

Question: Entire Porcine
Solution: Whole hog

Question: Famous Undersea Explorer Succeded By His Son
Solution: Cousteau

Question: Frequent Visitors
Solution: Habitu├ęs

Question: Land Along The Sea Or Ocean
Solution: Seashore

Question: Largest Casino In Paradise Island
Solution: Atlantis

Question: Long Necked Lute From Modern Greece
Solution: Bouzouki

Question: Male Leader Of A Committee Or Board
Solution: Chairman

Question: Mental Outlook Can Be Positive Or Negative
Solution: Attitude

Question: People Who Use Blades To Cause Damage
Solution: Slashers

Question: Same As Boldface
Solution: Fullface

Question: Similar In Appearance To A Young Cow
Solution: Calflike

Question: Someone In Charge Of Renting Places
Solution: Landlord

Question: This Computer Key Gives You Room To Breathe
Solution: Spacebar

Question: White Marble Mausoleum And Gardens At Agra
Solution: Taj mahal

Question: Mushrooms Rich Umami Fungi With Funny Name
Solution: Shiitake

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