Codycross Under the sea Group 34 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: Juiced Eel You Dont Want To Touch
Solution: Electric

Question: A Contaminant
Solution: Impurity

Question: Birth Condition Of The Mouth
Solution: Cleft lip

Question: Channel Where A River Flows Or Has Flowed
Solution: Riverbed

Question: Christian Group That Celebrates Christmas In January
Solution: Orthodox

Question: Competed For The First Time At The 2016 Olympics
Solution: Refugees

Question: Conservative Traditional
Solution: Orthodox

Question: Dark Purple Root Vegetable
Solution: Beetroot

Question: Disobedience Insolence
Solution: Defiance

Question: Fear Of Being Tied Up Is Phobia
Solution: Merintho

Question: For A Kid The Sound A Train Makes
Solution: Choo choo

Question: GoT Father Of Arya Robb Sansa Bran And Rickon
Solution: Ned stark

Question: Highlight Make Text Stand Out
Solution: Embolden

Question: Hope Makes The Heart Sick
Solution: Deferred

Question: In IP Address The P Stands For Internet
Solution: Protocol

Question: Opened A Large Map
Solution: Unfolded

Question: Recurrent Headache That Is Often Very Painful
Solution: Migraine

Question: Sometimes Doesnt Know What Right Hand Is Doing
Solution: Left hand

Question: Stimulant Found In Coffee Tea And Cola
Solution: Caffeine

Question: Succulent Plant Used For Healing Sunburn
Solution: Aloe vera

Question: The Zone TV Show Consisting Of Various Tales
Solution: Twilight

Question: The Act Of Looking Out For The Welfare Of Others
Solution: Altruism

Question: The Second W In The Conservation Organization WWF
Solution: Wildlife

Question: This Bands Lead Singer Married Gwyneth Paltrow
Solution: Coldplay

Question: Travel Book That Is Technically Government Property
Solution: Passport

Question: Travel Book That With Official Stamps
Solution: Passport

Question: Buddha Is Especially Lucky For Wealth
Solution: Laughing

Question: Kant Renowned German Philosopher
Solution: Immanuel

Question: Eel A Sea Creature You Dont Want To Touch
Solution: Electric

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