Codycross Under the sea Group 34 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 2016 Slang For Hard Core Badass
Solution: Savage

Question: Anagram Of Finder
Solution: Friend

Question: Attests Who You Are
Solution: Id card

Question: Consumable
Solution: Edible

Question: Felix Animated Series About A Black Feline
Solution: The cat

Question: Gymnast Nicknamed The Sparrow From Minsk Olga
Solution: Korbut

Question: Home Of Nobel Prize
Solution: Sweden

Question: Home Of Norsemen And Nobel Men
Solution: Sweden

Question: How Articles And Photographs Are Arranged On Paper
Solution: Layout

Question: JP Investment Bank With Long History
Solution: Morgan

Question: Jamie British Celebrity Chef The Naked Chef
Solution: Oliver

Question: Land Plowed And Left Alone For A Season
Solution: Fallow

Question: Megan Thee Stallion Song Released In 2020
Solution: Savage

Question: Mens Black Formal Wear A Dinner Jacket In The UK
Solution: Tuxedo

Question: Mens Formal Wear Usually Black Pants And Jacket
Solution: Tuxedo

Question: Mozzarella Fried US Snack To Dip In Sauce
Solution: Sticks

Question: Nuts That Look Like Walnuts But Darker
Solution: Pecans

Question: Protective Covering For The Head
Solution: Helmet

Question: Solid Surface To Stand On Land Earth
Solution: Ground

Question: Stiffened Anagram Of Nested
Solution: Tensed

Question: Third Son Of Queen Elizabeth II
Solution: Edward

Question: Whaler Ship Featured In Moby Dick
Solution: Pequod

Question: Women Singing In The Sea
Solution: Sirens

Question: Kingdom Disneys Nature Park Zoo
Solution: Animal

Question: Of Proof Responsibility Of Accuser To Prove
Solution: Burden

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