Codycross Under the sea Group 33 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Messenger Who Transports Goods Or Documents
Solution: Courier

Question: Breakwater Groyne
Solution: Seawall

Question: Bucharest Is The Capital Of
Solution: Romania

Question: Each Of The 118 Periodic Tables Units
Solution: Element

Question: Edible Green Sushi Wrap Called Nori Type Of This
Solution: Seaweed

Question: Emerald Isle Divided Into Two Parts Politically
Solution: Ireland

Question: Empty Make Most Noise
Solution: Vessels

Question: Feature For Comfort Pleasure Convenience
Solution: Amenity

Question: Firefox Was Developed By This Company
Solution: Mozilla

Question: Game Knocking Balls Through Metal Wickets
Solution: Croquet

Question: Large Crustacean Two Claws Dish In US
Solution: Lobster

Question: Love Dont Live Here Sung By Madonna
Solution: Anymore

Question: Low Pitched Wind Instrument
Solution: Bassoon

Question: Persian Painter From Isfahan Farshchian
Solution: Mahmoud

Question: Similar To A Frying Pan
Solution: Skillet

Question: Time Between Flights Before Final Destination
Solution: Layover

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