Codycross Under the sea Group 33 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: American Abstract Expressionist Drip Painter
Solution: Pollock

Question: Applied Lubrication To An Engine
Solution: Greased

Question: Being Or Seeming To Be Without Limits
Solution: Endless

Question: Celebratory Time Off
Solution: Holiday

Question: Citys Teams Include Tigers And Other Giant Cat
Solution: Detroit

Question: Copper Box Grand And Todra
Solution: Canyons

Question: Device To Record View Through A Cars Windscreen
Solution: Dashcam

Question: Diabolical Boiled Egg Dish
Solution: Deviled

Question: Etiquette Blunder Embarassing Social Mistake
Solution: Faux pas

Question: First Latin American Pope
Solution: Francis

Question: Gadget For Applying Eye Lotion In Small Doses
Solution: Dropper

Question: In Mythology She Is Linked To A Box
Solution: Pandora

Question: Marked With A Known Companys Name
Solution: Branded

Question: Pirate Known As Black Sam
Solution: Bellamy

Question: Shiny Wheel Protectors On A Car
Solution: Hubcaps

Question: Someone Who Carries Luggage To Peoples Rooms
Solution: Bellhop

Question: Sticks Used To Knit
Solution: Needles

Question: Tanned And Dressed Hide From An Animal
Solution: Leather

Question: Tiger Sharks Are Large And Have Dark
Solution: Stripes

Question: Wheel Plates On A Car
Solution: Hubcaps

Question: Clinton US Secretary Of State 2009 2013
Solution: Hillary

Question: Endearment Won The Academy Awards In 1984
Solution: Terms of

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