Codycross Under the sea Group 33 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 13 Instead Of 12 Units Round Up A Dozen For
Solution: Bakers

Question: A Sight For Sore Eyes
Solution: Eyeful

Question: Advanced Night Restorative Cream Estee Lauder
Solution: Repair

Question: Arid Bare Region With Little Rain Or Vegetation
Solution: Desert

Question: Brian Mays Musical Instrument
Solution: Guitar

Question: Crunchy Fruits That Help To Whiten Teeth
Solution: Apples

Question: Cuban Cocktail Of White Rum And Lime Juice
Solution: Mojito

Question: Evening Meal You Might Have With A Loved One
Solution: Dinner

Question: Former Rebel Who Became Zimbabwes Head Of State
Solution: Mugabe

Question: Home Of The Reigning UK Monarch Buckingham
Solution: Palace

Question: Largest Mammals In The World
Solution: Whales

Question: Linguistic Teaser
Solution: Riddle

Question: Nathanael A Leader Of The Continental Army
Solution: Greene

Question: Planet With A Distinct Ring Around It
Solution: Saturn

Question: Robinson Daniel Defoe Novel About Shipwreck
Solution: Crusoe

Question: Short Female Hair Style Cut At The Jaw
Solution: Bob cut

Question: Square Root Of 144
Solution: Twelve

Question: Steve Carell And Ricky Gervais Starred In The
Solution: Office

Question: To Make Small Nervous Movements
Solution: Fidget

Question: To Offer Counsel Opinion Suggestions
Solution: Advise

Question: Ducks Play Football At Autzen Stadium
Solution: Oregon

Question: Nyongo Won An Oscar For 12 Years A Slave
Solution: Lupita

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