Codycross Under the sea Group 32 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Model Or Design Used As A Guide In Sewing
Solution: Pattern

Question: Access Entry Door Path
Solution: Gateway

Question: Arabic Mathematical System
Solution: Algebra

Question: At New Year Eat Lucky Foods Eg Dumplings
Solution: Chinese

Question: Borrowers Those Who Must Pay Creditors
Solution: Debtors

Question: Capital Of Brunei Bandar Seri
Solution: Begawan

Question: Dom Actor Comedian Chef Director
Solution: Deluise

Question: Downward Opposite Of Convex
Solution: Concave

Question: Female Cone Shaped Hairstyle Aka B 52
Solution: Beehive

Question: Fortune Cookies Are Served With This Cuisine
Solution: Chinese

Question: Plant With Large Dark Green Leaves
Solution: Spinach

Question: Purchase At Less Than Usual Cost
Solution: Bargain

Question: Renaissance Discoverer Of The Moons Of Jupiter
Solution: Galileo

Question: Roller Amusement Park Mainstay
Solution: Coaster

Question: Room Or Area Where Food Is Prepared And Cooked
Solution: Kitchen

Question: Rubber Container Filled With Helium Or Air
Solution: Balloon

Question: Selective Every Man From 18 To 26 Must Enroll
Solution: Service

Question: Someone Who Sells Items In The Street
Solution: Peddler

Question: Speed Actress Sandra
Solution: Bullock

Question: The End Of A Marriage
Solution: Divorce

Question: To Violently Burst Fly Into Pieces Break Up
Solution: Explode

Question: Ultimate Goal In NHL Cup
Solution: Stanley

Question: Wordy
Solution: Verbose

Question: Millionaire Won The Oscar In 2009
Solution: Slumdog

Question: Driver For A Bank Robbery
Solution: Getaway

Question: Fish Swim Vertically To Blend In
Solution: Trumpet

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