Codycross Under the sea Group 32 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: Arachnid With Sharp Poisonous Stinger In Its Tail
Solution: Scorpion

Question: Bodies Of Dirty Water Linked To Volcanic Springs
Solution: Mud pools

Question: Bottom Of The Ocean
Solution: Seafloor

Question: Broadways Modern Operas
Solution: Musicals

Question: Colorful Latex Air Filled Decorations
Solution: Balloons

Question: Dartboard Center
Solution: Bullseye

Question: Dartboard Middle Circle
Solution: Bullseye

Question: Davy Jones Locker
Solution: Seafloor

Question: Face Disappears Behind Hands In This Childs Game
Solution: Peekaboo

Question: Fainting Being Overcome With Love For Someone
Solution: Swooning

Question: Forever For An Infinite Time
Solution: Eternity

Question: Group Of Young Actors In Teen Movies In The 1980s
Solution: Brat pack

Question: Indirect Mention Of Something In Literature
Solution: Allusion

Question: It Takes Him 10 Years To Come Back From The War
Solution: Odysseus

Question: Latex Air Filled Decorations
Solution: Balloons

Question: Legal Worlds Most Popular Drug
Solution: Caffeine

Question: Name Of Edward And Bellas Daughter In Twilight
Solution: Renesmee

Question: Native Tribe Subjected To Trail Of Tears
Solution: Cherokee

Question: Polytheistic Religion
Solution: Paganism

Question: So Called Food Of The Gods
Solution: Ambrosia

Question: Souvenir Memorable Object
Solution: Keepsake

Question: To Become In Charge Of A Company Or Situation
Solution: Takeover

Question: Where Gasoline Is Placed In A Vehicle
Solution: Fuel tank

Question: Where Gasoline Is Placed In An Automobile
Solution: Fuel tank

Question: Zone Is The Shore Around A Body Of Water
Solution: Littoral

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