Codycross Under the sea Group 30 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 100 Years
Solution: Century

Question: A Symbol Of Judaism Since Ancient Times
Solution: Menorah

Question: Accommodated A Horse
Solution: Stabled

Question: Cherry Dessert
Solution: Jubilee

Question: Dry White Wine From Burgundy
Solution: Chablis

Question: Eric Played Ponch In US Series CHIPS
Solution: Estrada

Question: File Hosting Service
Solution: Dropbox

Question: Hand Implements Used In Food Preparation Or Eating
Solution: Cutlery

Question: Hurricane Devastated New Orleans In 2005
Solution: Katrina

Question: Inhabited By Ghosts Or Spirits
Solution: Haunted

Question: Invasions Raids
Solution: Attacks

Question: Japanese Hand Drum That Consists Of A Wooden Body
Solution: Tsuzumi

Question: Large Marine Mammal Not Actually A Feline
Solution: Sea lion

Question: Medicine Used For Pain And To Thin Blood
Solution: Aspirin

Question: Meet The Fockers And Zoolander Actor Ben
Solution: Stiller

Question: One Fourth Of A Year
Solution: Quarter

Question: Schools Caretaker Normally Locks Things Up
Solution: Janitor

Question: The Race A World Racing Competition
Solution: Amazing

Question: Timetables Dockets Schedules
Solution: Agendas

Question: Timetables Programs Dockets Schedules
Solution: Agendas

Question: To Not Care For Ignore
Solution: Neglect

Question: To Share A Ride
Solution: Carpool

Question: To Share A Ride Cutting Emissions
Solution: Carpool

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