Codycross Under the sea Group 30 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: Avian With A Musical Call
Solution: Songbird

Question: Basketball Attempt That Hits The Backboard
Solution: Bank shot

Question: Breakfast Items Eaten With Maple Syrup
Solution: Pancakes

Question: Cookies For The Dog Go In This
Solution: Treat jar

Question: First Name Of Prodigious Composer
Solution: Wolfgang

Question: Food Retailers
Solution: Butchers

Question: Fop Dandy
Solution: Popinjay

Question: Frying Appliance Uses Hot Air Not Oil
Solution: Air fryer

Question: Hake Is A With A Long Body And Large Head
Solution: Food fish

Question: Nautical Style Sweater
Solution: Crewneck

Question: Outshines
Solution: Eclipses

Question: Related To Office Work
Solution: Clerical

Question: Small Serving Vessel For Thickened Dairy Product
Solution: Cream jug

Question: Super Smart Person Supermans Android Foe
Solution: Brainiac

Question: The Starting Points Of Philosophical Arguments
Solution: Premises

Question: These Lines Will Never Cross
Solution: Parallel

Question: They Sell Cuts Of Meat
Solution: Butchers

Question: This Game Is Known As Checkers In The US
Solution: Draughts

Question: Tooth Between Canine And Molar
Solution: Premolar

Question: Violent Troublemaker At A Sports Match
Solution: Hooligan

Question: Wax Used In Pedicures And Manicures
Solution: Paraffin

Question: Bob Krusty The Clown Assistant On The Simpsons
Solution: Sideshow

Question: Woolf Known For Stream Of Consciousness Writings
Solution: Virginia

Question: Theft Stealing Someones Information A Crime
Solution: Identity

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