Codycross Under the sea Group 28 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The
Solution: Beholder

Question: A Fancy Delicacy Or Small Trinket
Solution: Kickshaw

Question: Anna Character Who Commits Adultery
Solution: Karenina

Question: Another Name For The African Stadium Horn
Solution: Vuvuzela

Question: Athenian Statesman Associated With The Golden Age
Solution: Pericles

Question: Availability Of A Phone Network In A Location
Solution: Coverage

Question: Black Cat Said To Haunt The Scottish Highlands
Solution: Cat sidhe

Question: Chick Protection Before Hatching
Solution: Eggshell

Question: Denoting Grammatical Person A Pronoun
Solution: Personal

Question: Equipment For Breathing Underwater
Solution: Aqualung

Question: Group Of Buildings Used To House Soldiers
Solution: Barracks

Question: Maintained A Tennis Racket
Solution: Restrung

Question: Military Footwear Associated With Nazi Germany
Solution: Jackboot

Question: Most Common Pitch In Baseball
Solution: Fastball

Question: Most Common Type Of Household Battery
Solution: Alkaline

Question: Nasal Holes
Solution: Nostrils

Question: On Site Journalist
Solution: Reporter

Question: One Who Can Read
Solution: Literate

Question: Place Where Prescriptions Are Filled
Solution: Pharmacy

Question: Process Of Producing Books Etc By Using Machinery
Solution: Printing

Question: Quedagh Indian Ship Captured By William Kidd
Solution: Merchant

Question: Rock Candy Is Made Up Of These Sugar Formations
Solution: Crystals

Question: Saying Hello To Someone
Solution: Greeting

Question: Sovereign State On S American Coast Dutch Spoken
Solution: Suriname

Question: Superficial Compliance With The Law
Solution: Tokenism

Question: Twist Dials On This Game To Get Discs To Bottom
Solution: Downfall

Question: Where Military Members Live On Base
Solution: Barracks

Question: Dead Band That Had Bears As Mascots
Solution: Grateful

Question: Teeth Are Also Called Premolars
Solution: Bicuspid

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