Codycross Under the sea Group 28 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Cure Or Salve For A Condition
Solution: Treatment

Question: A Dictionary Of Geographical Names
Solution: Gazetteer

Question: Acting On The Spur Of The Moment
Solution: Impulsive

Question: Conflict Involving Greeks A Woman And A Horse
Solution: Trojan war

Question: Electric Cord Makes It Easier To Use Appliances
Solution: Extension

Question: Exhibition For Businesses
Solution: Trade fair

Question: French Writer Of The Naturalistic School
Solution: Emile zola

Question: Lobster And Oysters
Solution: Shellfish

Question: Long Slender Fish Found In The Pacific Ocean
Solution: Quillfish

Question: Mad English King Who Lost The American Colonies
Solution: George iii

Question: McDonalds Menu Option All Day
Solution: Breakfast

Question: Modern Coy Term For Letters Think Gastropods
Solution: Snail mail

Question: Mrs Movie Starring Robin Williams
Solution: Doubtfire

Question: Neurologists Specialize In Of Nervous Disorders
Solution: Treatment

Question: Novelist Ernest Wrote About African Safaris
Solution: Hemingway

Question: Pirate Port In Jamaica
Solution: Port royal

Question: Pogo Is A Possum And Albert An
Solution: Alligator

Question: Popular Team Sport In Asian Countries
Solution: Badminton

Question: Someone Who Maintains A Website
Solution: Webmaster

Question: Someone Who Tends To The Needs Of Others
Solution: Caretaker

Question: Sport Played With A Shuttlecock
Solution: Badminton

Question: Sweet Board Game Invented By Polio Victim
Solution: Candy land

Question: The Lark V Williams Piece For Violin
Solution: Ascending

Question: To Fall Off A Ship
Solution: Overboard

Question: Oils Rosemary Eucalyptus Lavender
Solution: Essential

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