Codycross Under the sea Group 27 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Male Thats Nice To Look At
Solution: Handsome

Question: Alcoholic Drink With Wine And Soda Water
Solution: Spritzer

Question: Amusement Park Home To Scare And Amuse
Solution: Funhouse

Question: Amusing Errors In TV And Film
Solution: Bloopers

Question: Baseball Team Based At Citizens Bank Park
Solution: Phillies

Question: Building Where Business Is Done
Solution: Facility

Question: City In Nevada Sung By Elvis Presley
Solution: Las vegas

Question: Divers Disease Aka Decompression Sickness
Solution: The bends

Question: Fear Of Jumping From High Places Phobia
Solution: Catapeda

Question: Feeling Of Compassion Or Pity For Someone
Solution: Sympathy

Question: Flow Of Water Moving In A Particular Direction
Solution: Currents

Question: Green Salad Plant That Aids Hydration
Solution: Cucumber

Question: Imports Illicit Booze
Solution: Bootlegs

Question: Long Handled Bartending Utensil
Solution: Bar spoon

Question: Making A Short High Pitched Sound Like Birds
Solution: Chirping

Question: Metal With The Highest Melting Point
Solution: Tungsten

Question: Mollusc With Spiral Shell And Tentacles
Solution: Nautilus

Question: Narrow Topographic Depressions On The Sea Floor
Solution: Trenches

Question: Scottish Lake Inhabited By Monster Of The Deep
Solution: Loch ness

Question: Scottish Lake Said To Be Inhabited By A Monster
Solution: Loch ness

Question: Scrabble Is A For Two To Four Players
Solution: Word game

Question: Separate Unique Individual
Solution: Distinct

Question: Separation Opposite Of Multiplication
Solution: Division

Question: Supreme Leader Of Iran In 2016 Ali
Solution: Khamenei

Question: Western Drama Series Based In Dodge City
Solution: Gunsmoke

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