Codycross Under the sea Group 27 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: An Artists Lifework
Solution: Oeuvre

Question: An Official Document Conferring A Right Or Privilege
Solution: Patent

Question: Awed Astonished
Solution: Amazed

Question: Blues Royalty With Two Initials As His First Name
Solution: Bb king

Question: Body Without Life
Solution: Corpse

Question: Feeling Cold Shivering Usually With A Fever
Solution: Chills

Question: Female Mythological Creature Medusa
Solution: Gorgon

Question: Former Romanisation Of The Name Of Chinas Capital
Solution: Peking

Question: Hair Style Of Native Americans And Punk Rockers
Solution: Mohawk

Question: Home Thoughts From Robert Browning Poem
Solution: Abroad

Question: House Prisoner In Ones Own Home
Solution: Arrest

Question: Jewish Prophet Who Gave His Name To A Book
Solution: Isaiah

Question: Method Of Preparing Food Preserved Cured
Solution: Smoked

Question: Proofread Or Corrected
Solution: Edited

Question: Queen Conch Is A Large Sea Snail
Solution: Edible

Question: Ran A Newspaper
Solution: Edited

Question: Scoobys Human Best Friend
Solution: Shaggy

Question: Small Round Edible Pulse Red Green Or Yellow
Solution: Lentil

Question: Some Native Americans Hair Style And Punk Rockers
Solution: Mohawk

Question: Square Cloth Or Paper Mouth Cleaner
Solution: Napkin

Question: This Flat State Is Known As The Jayhawk State
Solution: Kansas

Question: Two Shelled Mollusc Found On Shoreline Rocks
Solution: Mussel

Question: Type Of Antelope In Africa Also A Car Model
Solution: Impala

Question: Type Of Antelope In Africa Also A Type Of Car
Solution: Impala

Question: Counter Is Used To Detect Radiation
Solution: Geiger

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