Codycross Under the sea Group 26 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

Codycross Under the sea Answers displayed and are sorted by the order they appear on the game.
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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: An Organizations Income
Solution: Revenue

Question: Baked Dessert With Filling And Covered With Batter
Solution: Cobbler

Question: Baked Dessert With Filling Covered With A Crust
Solution: Cobbler

Question: Bill Of Sale
Solution: Receipt

Question: Bright Red Orange A Player In The Game Clue
Solution: Scarlet

Question: Driving Backwards
Solution: Reverse

Question: Galloping TV Chef Of The 70s Graham Kerr
Solution: Gourmet

Question: George S A Bright Broadway Playwright
Solution: Kaufman

Question: Herman TVs Loveable Giant Is Married To Lily
Solution: Munster

Question: Hole Formed By The Wave Action Of The Sea
Solution: Sea cave

Question: Love Interest Of Pip In Great Expectations
Solution: Estella

Question: Made A Hen Noise
Solution: Clucked

Question: Papal Home Landlocked City Within Rome
Solution: Vatican

Question: Papal Home Landlocked Nation
Solution: Vatican

Question: Put This Over A Wound To Help It Heal
Solution: Bandage

Question: Selling Goods
Solution: Trading

Question: Song Turned Into A Hit By Aretha Franklin
Solution: Respect

Question: The Brain Is The Head Of The Central System
Solution: Nervous

Question: To Goad Someone Into Acting
Solution: Provoke

Question: Very Thoughtful Usually Sad
Solution: Pensive

Question: Wide Mouthed Construction Equipment
Solution: Backhoe

Question: Creek Teen Drama Starring Katie Holmes
Solution: Dawsons

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