Codycross Under the sea Group 26 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Throbbing Painful Headache
Solution: Migraine

Question: Black Uniquely Pigmented Jaguars And Leopards
Solution: Panthers

Question: Buddhists Do This Repeating Phrases Over And Over
Solution: Chanting

Question: Called Hickey In America
Solution: Love bite

Question: Cod Are Food Fish Found In The Ocean
Solution: Atlantic

Question: Dont Open This Indoors
Solution: Umbrella

Question: Enlarged Veins Usually Found In The Legs
Solution: Varicose

Question: Flat Oily Italian Bread Texture Of Pizza Dough
Solution: Focaccia

Question: Free From War Strife Commotion Or Violence
Solution: Peaceful

Question: Island Country In Pacific Capital Is Majuro
Solution: Marshall

Question: Its Bad Luck To Open This Rain Shelter Indoors
Solution: Umbrella

Question: Keep Eggs Warm For Hatching
Solution: Incubate

Question: Milla Actress Of Resident Evil
Solution: Jovovich

Question: Moving Someone To A Lower Job
Solution: Demoting

Question: Predator Fish From Australias Rocky Shores
Solution: Mulloway

Question: Reduced Price
Solution: Discount

Question: Repeating Phrases Over And Over
Solution: Chanting

Question: Resistance To Disease
Solution: Immunity

Question: Small Andean Stringed Instrument
Solution: Charango

Question: Small Rectangular Shaped Gem
Solution: Baguette

Question: Sound With Multiple Speakers Positioned About Room
Solution: Surround

Question: South American Country Whos Capital Is Bogota
Solution: Colombia

Question: Spoken Primarily In The Kashmir Valley
Solution: Kashmiri

Question: Yellowish Skin Caused By High Bilirubin Levels
Solution: Jaundice

Question: Yourself Welcoming Tune From Oliver
Solution: Consider

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