Codycross Under the sea Group 25 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Death In War Time Is A Of War
Solution: Casualty

Question: A Position And Form Of Affection Between Two People
Solution: Spooning

Question: Ainsley TV Chef Of Ready Steady Cook
Solution: Harriott

Question: Australian Sandwich Toaster Pioneers
Solution: Breville

Question: Birthplace Of Mick Jagger And Keith Richards
Solution: Dartford

Question: Car Hauler
Solution: Tow truck

Question: Cord Used To Secure Footwear
Solution: Shoelace

Question: Cord Used To Secure The Edges Of Shoes
Solution: Shoelace

Question: Cuddling Position In Which One Envelops The Other
Solution: Spooning

Question: Destructively Deadly
Solution: Lethally

Question: Early 20th Century Short Documentary
Solution: Newsreel

Question: Exchange From Larger To Smaller
Solution: Downsize

Question: Facial Expression Created With Computer Keyboard
Solution: Emoticon

Question: Famous Dog Sled Raced In Alaska
Solution: Iditarod

Question: Greatest Dog Sled Race In The World
Solution: Iditarod

Question: King Or Kingfish Food Fish In The Atlantic
Solution: Mackerel

Question: May It Really Happen To Ones Blood
Solution: Curdling

Question: Midwest Natural Disaster Of 1930s
Solution: Dust bowl

Question: One That Creates A New Product Style
Solution: Designer

Question: Rays From The Big Ball In The Daytime Sky
Solution: Sunlight

Question: Reverse Somersault
Solution: Backflip

Question: Sons And Daughters Of Human Parents
Solution: Children

Question: Tissue Found At Back Of The Throat
Solution: Adenoids

Question: To Coerce Make Obligate
Solution: Pressure

Question: Tropical Fish With Dragon Like Fins And Eyes
Solution: Dragonet

Question: Worlds Largest Auditing Firm Tax Experts
Solution: Deloitte

Question: Pan Used For Cooking Something In An Oven
Solution: Roasting

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