Codycross Under the sea Group 25 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Small Entrance Hall Or Anteroom Lobby
Solution: Vestibule

Question: All Things That Occur In A Certain Environment
Solution: Ecosystem

Question: Blockbuster Based On Mario Puzos Novel
Solution: Godfather

Question: Conspiracy Thriller Film With Nicolas Cage In 1998
Solution: Snake eyes

Question: Cryptid Creature From East Africa
Solution: Nandi bear

Question: Dive That Goes Wrong
Solution: Belly flop

Question: Fanny Swedish Film By Ingmar Bergman
Solution: Alexander

Question: Garment Worn Under A Skirt Or A Dress
Solution: Petticoat

Question: How A Worm Moves
Solution: Wriggling

Question: Its The End Of The World As We Know It And
Solution: I feel fine

Question: Lack Of Knowledge Or Awareness
Solution: Ignorance

Question: Long Eared Country Animal Excitable In Spring
Solution: March hare

Question: Mickey Mouse Animated Series Since 2006
Solution: Clubhouse

Question: NBC Action Series About An Amnesiac
Solution: Blindspot

Question: Name Given To An Espresso With Added Water
Solution: Americano

Question: Power To Persuade Someone To Do Something
Solution: Influence

Question: Russian Orthodox Church Holiday Observed January 7
Solution: Christmas

Question: She Was Killed By An Asp Bite
Solution: Cleopatra

Question: Spelunking Is Caves
Solution: Exploring

Question: The Old School Was Rotary
Solution: Telephone

Question: Tropical Perch Like Ocean Creature
Solution: Driftfish

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