Codycross Under the sea Group 25 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Container In Which Food Is Cooked With Hot Mist
Solution: Steamer

Question: A Man Who Has Lost His Wife
Solution: Widower

Question: Author Of The Hobbit JRR
Solution: Tolkien

Question: Belt Fixings
Solution: Buckles

Question: Boulevard Public Garden Park Having A Walkway
Solution: Alameda

Question: Eels Are Long Bodied Fish That Live In Waters
Solution: Shallow

Question: Feeling When All Hope Is Lost
Solution: Despair

Question: Former WNBA Side From Houston Folded In 2008
Solution: Cornets

Question: George Bush The Father Middle East Conflict
Solution: Gulf war

Question: Having Cogs Like Gears
Solution: Toothed

Question: Household Water Device Professional
Solution: Plumber

Question: Jacksonville Play At EverBank Field
Solution: Jaguars

Question: One Horned Mythical Horse
Solution: Unicorn

Question: Rupophobia Is The Fear Of Or Dirt
Solution: Rubbish

Question: Sabre Tiger Well Known Extinct Animal
Solution: Toothed

Question: Samuel Irish Avant Garde Playwright
Solution: Beckett

Question: Small Fish Eaten On Pizza And Other Foods
Solution: Anchovy

Question: Specialty Item Worn On A Necklace Or Brooch
Solution: Pendant

Question: Spicy Sharp
Solution: Piquant

Question: The Opposite Of Deep
Solution: Shallow

Question: To Plan Figure Or Estimate For The Future
Solution: Project

Question: What Both Dying And Living Should Be
Solution: Natural

Question: Without Help Relief Assistance
Solution: Aidless

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