Codycross Under the sea Group 22 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Love Story
Solution: Romance

Question: American Bison Species
Solution: Buffalo

Question: Bright Purple Red
Solution: Magenta

Question: Bright Purple Red Not Fuchsia
Solution: Magenta

Question: Burrowing Aussie Marsupials Family Vombatidae
Solution: Wombats

Question: Decor And Designs For The Ends Of Fingers And Toes
Solution: Nail art

Question: Doctor 1965 Film Starring Omar Sharif
Solution: Zhivago

Question: Eel Shaped Slime Producing Fish
Solution: Hagfish

Question: Entrance Into A Room Holds A Hinged Barrier
Solution: Doorway

Question: Expensive Spice Derived From A Crocus
Solution: Saffron

Question: Frank US Singer Rat Pack Member The Voice
Solution: Sinatra

Question: Male Scuba Diver
Solution: Frogman

Question: Metric Land Measurement
Solution: Hectare

Question: Not Up To Unsatisfactory
Solution: Scratch

Question: Occurs In A Specific Region Or Population
Solution: Endemic

Question: Overdue For Example Birthday Wishes
Solution: Belated

Question: People Who Are Able To Break Into Computers
Solution: Hackers

Question: Set Of Kettledrums In An Orchestra
Solution: Timpani

Question: Sonar And Laser Are Examples Of This
Solution: Acronym

Question: TGI Casual Dining Restaurant Chain
Solution: Fridays

Question: TV Show About A Family In Renaissance Italy
Solution: Borgias

Question: Tube Used To Breathe At Water Surface
Solution: Snorkel

Question: Tube Used To Breathe Underwater
Solution: Snorkel

Question: Walt American Poet
Solution: Whitman

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