Codycross Under the sea Group 22 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Naked Eye Observation Horse Riding
Solution: Bareback

Question: Black Sticky Brewers Yeast Extract From Australia
Solution: Vegemite

Question: Christian Expeditions To Jerusalem In Middle Ages
Solution: Crusades

Question: Cinema Film That Is A Homage To The Cinema
Solution: Paradiso

Question: Condition Of Becoming Wider Larger
Solution: Dilation

Question: Difference Between Things Having Similar Natures
Solution: Contrast

Question: Estadio Santiago Madrid Royal Stadium
Solution: Bernabeu

Question: Famous Handbag Designer With A Beery Name Lulu
Solution: Guinness

Question: Hard Shelled Slow Reptile Brings Longevity
Solution: Tortoise

Question: Imaginative Artistic
Solution: Creative

Question: Legal Political Drama About A Cheating Politician
Solution: Good wife

Question: Made Less Wobbly
Solution: Steadied

Question: One Of The Great Lakes Of North America
Solution: Michigan

Question: Random Change In Genetic Material
Solution: Mutation

Question: They Say He Played Possessed By The Devil
Solution: Paganini

Question: Top Element Of Periodic Table
Solution: Hydrogen

Question: Venetian Black Boats
Solution: Gondolas

Question: Of Music Musical Classic With Singing Nuns
Solution: The sound

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