Codycross Under the sea Group 21 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Large Area Of Land Covered With Ice
Solution: Ice field

Question: A Period Of Six Months
Solution: Semester

Question: A Period Of Six Months In US College
Solution: Semester

Question: A White Is A Possession With No Use
Solution: Elephant

Question: Absolved Of Sins
Solution: Forgiven

Question: Bills Of Payments Due
Solution: Invoices

Question: Cable Stayed Suspension Bridge In New York City
Solution: Brooklyn

Question: Custom Device To Hold Teeth In Position
Solution: Retainer

Question: Echinoderm Belonging To The Class Asteroidea
Solution: Starfish

Question: Elastic Protein Of The Skin Bone And Tissues
Solution: Collagen

Question: Five Limbed Sea Creature Named After Lights In Space
Solution: Starfish

Question: High Overshoes Worn Especially In Snow And Slush
Solution: Galoshes

Question: Iggy Azaleas Real First Name
Solution: Amethyst

Question: Like A Cauliflower With Green Heads
Solution: Broccoli

Question: Movie In Which Keanu Drove A Mustang Boss 69
Solution: John wick

Question: Nightcrawler And Actor Jake Gyllenhaal
Solution: Southpaw

Question: Nobleman Ranking Next Below An Earl
Solution: Viscount

Question: Sailboat With Two Or More Masts
Solution: Schooner

Question: The Most Abundant Protein In Mammals
Solution: Collagen

Question: The Word For 18 In German
Solution: Achtzehn

Question: To Adorn Something With Ornaments
Solution: Decorate

Question: Towards The Opposite Direction To East
Solution: Westward

Question: Woodwind Instrument Used In Hungarian Music
Solution: Tarogato

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