Codycross Under the sea Group 21 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: A Was A Common Good Luck Charm In Egypt
Solution: Scarab

Question: A Sort Of Cajun Caribbean Blues
Solution: Zydeco

Question: A Watercourse Or Creek In An Arid Region
Solution: Arroyo

Question: African Country Begins With The Fifth Vowel
Solution: Uganda

Question: Childs Toy Dangerous Desert Snake
Solution: Rattle

Question: Christmas Dairy And Rum Drink
Solution: Eggnog

Question: Clear Protective Coating Put On Some Artwork
Solution: Enamel

Question: European River Once Roman Empire Boundary
Solution: Danube

Question: Genderless Term For Husband Or Wife
Solution: Spouse

Question: Helena Carter Harry Potter Villain
Solution: Bonham

Question: Johnnie Well Known Scotch Whiskey
Solution: Walker

Question: Medical Term For Short Sightedness
Solution: Myopia

Question: Moved Back And Forth Like A Babys Crib
Solution: Rocked

Question: Pen Name Of Arthur Eric Blair George
Solution: Orwell

Question: People Who Work On Television Or The Stage
Solution: Actors

Question: Silhouette
Solution: Shadow

Question: Thin Greek Pastry Dough Also Spelled Filo
Solution: Phyllo

Question: Tight Fitting Undergarment To Accentuate A Waist
Solution: Corset

Question: Tight Fitting Undergarment Worn By Ladies
Solution: Corset

Question: To Take Something Away From A Place Or Area
Solution: Remove

Question: WWII Code Talkers Were From This Tribe
Solution: Navajo

Question: Wax Writing Implement
Solution: Crayon

Question: Pankhurst Opposed WWI And Became A Socialist
Solution: Sylvia

Question: Incident Morocco Site Of French German Rivalry
Solution: Agadir

Question: Under Overwhelmed By The Amount Of Work
Solution: Snowed

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