Codycross Trip to Spain Group 857 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Person With Copper To Auburn Hair A Ginger
Solution: Redhead

Question: Accompanies Travels With
Solution: Escorts

Question: Alain French Director Last Year In Marienbad
Solution: Resnais

Question: An Acid Cockney Slang For Skint Lint
Solution: Boracic

Question: Brown Skin Pigment
Solution: Melanin

Question: Canadian Singer Songwriter Nelly
Solution: Furtado

Question: Cheese That Ranges From Mild To Sharp Based On Age
Solution: Cheddar

Question: Clothing Subscription Boxes Improve This Sense
Solution: Fashion

Question: Ear Bone Also Known As The Hammer
Solution: Malleus

Question: Electric Cars Require A Special One To Run
Solution: Battery

Question: Emotion Played By Mindy Kaling In Inside Out
Solution: Disgust

Question: Employment Field Involving Healthcare
Solution: Nursing

Question: Famous Brainy Sculpture By Rodin
Solution: Thinker

Question: Forward Movement Progress Making
Solution: Headway

Question: Ian McKellen Michael Fassbender Role
Solution: Magneto

Question: Insect That Eats Wood Can Destroy A House
Solution: Termite

Question: John First Governor Of The Bank Of England
Solution: Houblon

Question: London Debtors Gaol On The Site Of The Old Bailey
Solution: Newgate

Question: Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Summertime Song
Solution: Seaside

Question: Painter Of The Yellow Christ Paul
Solution: Gauguin

Question: Peppering With Missiles
Solution: Pelting

Question: Raw Vegetable Pieces Used With Dips
Solution: Crudités

Question: Recommended Action With Plastic Refuse
Solution: Recycle

Question: Rio De City In Brazil
Solution: Janeiro

Question: Sickly Child In Dickens A Christmas Carol
Solution: Tiny tim

Question: Things Aimed At In Archery
Solution: Targets

Question: To Release Inhibitions Throw To The Wind
Solution: Caution

Question: Vacation In The US This In The UK
Solution: Holiday

Question: A Hybrid Between A Tangerine And A Grapefruit
Solution: Tangelo

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