Codycross Fantasy World Group 861 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Blade Found At The End Of A Rifle
Solution: Bayonet

Question: A Collective Word For Plant Leaves
Solution: Foliage

Question: Brown Syrup Often Used On Ice Cream
Solution: Caramel

Question: Game Of Chance With Five Dice
Solution: Yahtzee

Question: In Greek Myth Swimmer Of The Hellespont
Solution: Leander

Question: Knife Thats A Weapon And A Way To Load A Gun
Solution: Bayonet

Question: Leaves Branches And Twigs
Solution: Foliage

Question: Mogwai Turns Into This Evil Being If It Gets Wet
Solution: Gremlin

Question: Switch From One To Another With A TV Remote
Solution: Channel

Question: Tails Are Often Found Performing This Motion
Solution: Wagging

Question: Tails Can Be Seen Performing This Motion
Solution: Wagging

Question: Transforms Evolves
Solution: Mutates

Question: Two Way Radio For Hearing Baby From Another Room
Solution: Monitor

Question: Vast Areas Of Rule
Solution: Empires

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