Codycross Trip to Spain Group 853 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Musician Who Plays Alone
Solution: Soloist

Question: Describes The Corners Of Picture Books For Safety
Solution: Rounded

Question: Excursion For No More Than 24 Hours
Solution: Day trip

Question: Faint Lose Consciousness
Solution: Pass out

Question: Filled With Grief Mournful
Solution: Doleful

Question: Free Corner Space In Monopoly
Solution: Parking

Question: Fridge Holiday Keepsakes For The Kitchen
Solution: Magnets

Question: Identifying Someone In A Facebook Photo
Solution: Tagging

Question: Johann Goethe Novel The Of Young Werther
Solution: Sorrows

Question: Knee Length Shorts British Island Territory
Solution: Bermuda

Question: Knife With A Wide Sharp Blade
Solution: Machete

Question: Mathematical Statement Proven To Be True
Solution: Theorem

Question: Ms Daw Found On A See Saw With Johnny
Solution: Margery

Question: Roman Emperor Who Built A Wall In Britain
Solution: Hadrian

Question: The Bone Structure Enclosing The Brain
Solution: Cranium

Question: The Elongated Teeth In Extinct Saber Tooth Tigers
Solution: Canines

Question: Title Of Camilla And Catherine
Solution: Duchess

Question: Turned Milk Sour
Solution: Curdled

Question: Use This To Enhance Your Nails Or Your Furniture
Solution: Varnish

Question: Villain Of The Hellraiser Series
Solution: Pinhead

Question: Gallery Arts Venue On Londons South Bank
Solution: Hayward

Question: Rainbow Hosted By LeVar Burton From 83 To 06
Solution: Reading

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