Codycross Trip to Spain Group 852 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: 2010 Horror Film About A Ghost And A Young Boy
Solution: Insidious

Question: Aerial Light Show That Ushers In A New Year
Solution: Fireworks

Question: An Electrolyte Mineral Found In Bananas
Solution: Potassium

Question: Aussie Souvenir Yellow Diamonds With Messages
Solution: Road signs

Question: Common Name For Romes FCO Airport
Solution: Fiumicino

Question: Crystal Structure Common In Cold Weather
Solution: Snowflake

Question: Giant Son Of Gaia Who Fought Poseidon
Solution: Polybotes

Question: Jack Climbed This To Steal From The Giants Castle
Solution: Beanstalk

Question: Lacking Pigmentation But Not Fully Albino
Solution: Leucistic

Question: Latin Name For The Great Bear
Solution: Ursa major

Question: Nirvanas Second Studio Album With In Bloom On It
Solution: Nevermind

Question: Professional Joke Tellers
Solution: Comedians

Question: US Novelist Of A Death In The Family
Solution: James agee

Question: Up To Speed Clued Up
Solution: On the ball

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