Codycross Trip to Spain Group 852 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Very Light And Steady Kind Of Rain
Solution: Drizzle

Question: Adjective Describing Red Haired Dolls Ann And Andy
Solution: Raggedy

Question: Ballerina And A Meringue Dish
Solution: Pavlova

Question: Boeings Water Transport With Wing Like Mechanism
Solution: Jetfoil

Question: Charles William Harry And George
Solution: Princes

Question: Cheats Never Wise Words On Telling Lies
Solution: Prosper

Question: Foot Operated Pedal Eg On A Sewing Machine
Solution: Treadle

Question: Hey Ya Hip Hop Duo
Solution: Outkast

Question: Kid 1962 Elvis Film With Charles Bronson
Solution: Galahad

Question: Lin Manuel Of Hamilton Fame
Solution: Miranda

Question: Mislead Deliberately Lie Or Tell Untruths
Solution: Deceive

Question: Mrs She Made Great Pies In Blackadder
Solution: Miggins

Question: Piece Of Matieral That May Be Used To Cover Roofs
Solution: Shingle

Question: Run Aground And Unable To Move
Solution: Astrand

Question: Ship That Captain Edward John Smith Went Down With
Solution: Titanic

Question: Small White Dog Breed Named After Origin Country
Solution: Maltese

Question: The Organ That Stores Urine
Solution: Bladder

Question: This Moscow Monument Means Fortress Inside A City
Solution: Kremlin

Question: Travis Morgans Comic Book Alter Ego
Solution: Warlord

Question: Tree Based Fat Used In Soaps Spreads Etc
Solution: Palm oil

Question: Within The Law
Solution: Legally

Question: Written Thoughts Perhaps In Search Of A Meaning
Solution: Journal

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