Codycross Trip to Spain Group 851 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Hotel Room Overlooking The Ocean Has One
Solution: Sea view

Question: A Meringue Dessert With Whipped Cream And Fruit
Solution: Pavlova

Question: Annual Event In Alberta Canada Stampede
Solution: Calgary

Question: Brushing On Fine Powder To Set Makeup
Solution: Dusting

Question: Charles Formed The Bible Students Association
Solution: Russell

Question: Clearly Simply
Solution: Plainly

Question: Fattened Middles In Which Your Trousers Feel Tight
Solution: Bellies

Question: Floating Keeping Something Up In Water
Solution: Buoying

Question: Genre Associated With Agatha Christie
Solution: Mystery

Question: Leave Quickly Like A Plane Departing
Solution: Take off

Question: People Visit A Tailor For This
Solution: Fitting

Question: Person Who Publishes An Online Diary
Solution: Blogger

Question: Rhett Butler My Dear I Dont Give A Damn
Solution: Frankly

Question: Send Cardboard To A Mill To Be Remade
Solution: Recycle

Question: Sister Isle Of Nicobar Isles In The Indian Ocean
Solution: Andaman

Question: Someone Without Weapons Is This
Solution: Unarmed

Question: Space To View Pieces Of Art
Solution: Gallery

Question: Stringed Instruments With The Highest Pitch
Solution: Violins

Question: TV Audience Measurement Rankings
Solution: Ratings

Question: Wailing Spirit
Solution: Banshee

Question: Wizard Or Sorcerer
Solution: Warlock

Question: Won Three Paralympic Golds With Charlotte Dujardin
Solution: Valegro

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