Codycross Trip to Spain Group 846 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Sneeze On Sneeze For Danger
Solution: Monday

Question: 1939 Wright Novel That Has No Letter E In It
Solution: Gadsby

Question: A Chain Of Messages Sent As Replies To Each Other
Solution: Thread

Question: Abnormal Drooping Of The Upper Eyelid
Solution: Ptosis

Question: Casino Ian Flemings First James Bond Novel
Solution: Royale

Question: Covered Outdoor Structure For Relaxing In A Park
Solution: Gazebo

Question: Cream Of This Is Often Used In A Fish Condiment
Solution: Tartar

Question: First Name Of Temperature Scientist Celsius
Solution: Anders

Question: Food That Conforms To Jewish Diet Regulations
Solution: Kosher

Question: Game Where Players Make Words From Dice
Solution: Boggle

Question: Gastropods With Shells
Solution: Snails

Question: Houses Made From Blocks Of Ice
Solution: Igloos

Question: Instead Of Eg Days Off Of Extra Days Worked
Solution: In lieu

Question: Lennon Peace Lyrics Everybodys Talkin About
Solution: Bagism

Question: Long Canvas Coat Or A Fluffy Cleaning Tool
Solution: Duster

Question: Muscles In Upper Arms
Solution: Biceps

Question: Nationality Of Composer Carl Nielsen
Solution: Danish

Question: Ocean Whose Deepest Point Is The Sunda Trench
Solution: Indian

Question: One Masted Sailboats
Solution: Sloops

Question: Order Of Points To Be Discussed At A Meeting
Solution: Agenda

Question: Pieces Of One Are Often Cut By A Jigsaw
Solution: Puzzle

Question: Ralph Does It To The Internet In Wreck It Ralph 2
Solution: Breaks

Question: Restaurant Calle Ocho Is Translated As Street
Solution: Eighth

Question: Skates With One Row Of Wheels For Outdoor Sports
Solution: Inline

Question: The 1063 Foot Tall Parisian Wrought Iron Tower
Solution: Eiffel

Question: Traditional Christmas Songs
Solution: Carols

Question: Where The Manager And Subs Sit In A Football Match
Solution: Dugout

Question: In The Back Is To Be Traitorously Betrayed
Solution: Knifed

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