Codycross Trip to Spain Group 846 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: 12 Photographic Months Of Holiday Reminders
Solution: Calendar

Question: A 1995 Teen Film Starring Alicia Silverstone
Solution: Clueless

Question: A Red Grape Used For Making Wine Sauvignon
Solution: Cabernet

Question: Animal With Long Snout That Consumes Insects
Solution: Anteater

Question: Benedict Arnold Was A Traitor Or This
Solution: Turncoat

Question: Buy Take Ownership Of
Solution: Purchase

Question: Colleague Especially In The US
Solution: Coworker

Question: Country Located Immediately North Of England
Solution: Scotland

Question: Death War Famine And Conquest The Four
Solution: Horsemen

Question: Earth Wind Water And Fire Are Four Of These
Solution: Elements

Question: File Yellow Folder Icon On Windows Computers
Solution: Explorer

Question: Final Action Of A Snooker Frame TV Snooker Series
Solution: Pot black

Question: Hes Been Married To Rita Wilson For Over 30 Years
Solution: Tom hanks

Question: House Shoes Worn For Warmth And Comfort
Solution: Slippers

Question: Italian Supercar And Camera Designer Giorgetto
Solution: Giugiaro

Question: Long Extinct Woolly Prehistoric Creatures
Solution: Mammoths

Question: Michael Who Wrote War Horse
Solution: Morpurgo

Question: Muscle On The Chest
Solution: Pectoral

Question: Scottish Breakfasts
Solution: Disjunes

Question: Sections Of Longer Books
Solution: Chapters

Question: Source Of Heat For Tent Occupants
Solution: Campfire

Question: The Organ Which Secretes Insulin And Glucagon
Solution: Pancreas

Question: What Many People Wear On Halloween
Solution: Costumes

Question: With A Snub You Get A Cold One Of These
Solution: Shoulder

Question: Pine Saxophonist Founder Of Jazz Warriors
Solution: Courtney

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