Codycross Trip to Spain Group 845 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: 2009 Leah Andreone Album
Solution: Avalanche

Question: A Piece Of Space Rock That Has Fallen To Earth
Solution: Meteorite

Question: An Artists Collection Of Work For Presentation
Solution: Portfolio

Question: Birds Like The Lion Kings Zazu
Solution: Hornbills

Question: Construction Site Machine That Flattens Buildings
Solution: Bulldozer

Question: Decorative Crystal Brand With Swan Logo
Solution: Swarovski

Question: Dramatic Speech Where Actors Speak To Themselves
Solution: Soliloquy

Question: English Psychedelic Rock Band Led By Roger Waters
Solution: Pink floyd

Question: Game Where A Shuttlecock Is Passed Between Rackets
Solution: Badminton

Question: Leaving On A Flight Or Train Journey
Solution: Departure

Question: Mary Poppins Would Recommend These Full Of Sugar
Solution: Teaspoons

Question: People Between The Left Wing And The Right Wing
Solution: Centrists

Question: Second In Command In A Mafia Group
Solution: Underboss

Question: Straining Bowls
Solution: Colanders

Question: Straining Bowls Used To Drain Pasta Water
Solution: Colanders

Question: The Dutch Painter Who Created The Night Watch
Solution: Rembrandt

Question: The Greek Princess Who Married Perseus
Solution: Andromeda

Question: The Home Of Germanys Stock Market
Solution: Frankfurt

Question: The Last Word In Many Bedtime Stories
Solution: Goodnight

Question: Video Game Characters Sonic And Shadow Are These
Solution: Hedgehogs

Question: When Snow And Ice Rapidly Fall Down A Mountain
Solution: Avalanche

Question: Whooping Cough Bacterial Respiratory Illness
Solution: Pertussis

Question: Winner Of The Battle Of Bosworth House Of
Solution: Lancaster

Question: Drive The 4W In 4WD
Solution: Four wheel

Question: National Cemetery Military Site For The Fallen
Solution: Arlington

Question: Silence Keeping Quiet To Raise Funds
Solution: Sponsored

Question: The Dyers Son Character From Happy Families
Solution: Master dip

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