Codycross Pet Shop Group 343 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Internet Bullies Who Comment Maliciously
Solution: Trolls

Question: Lining Of A Cloud
Solution: Silver

Question: Proportional Relations Between Two Amounts
Solution: Ratios

Question: Six Legged Animal
Solution: Insect

Question: Sport Specialty Of World Cup Winner Lindsey Vonn
Solution: Skiing

Question: Sri Lanka Prior To 1972
Solution: Ceylon

Question: Term Used In The Movies For Organized Gang Thefts
Solution: Heists

Question: Type Of Puzzle First Created By John Spilsbury
Solution: Jigsaw

Question: Walking Up And Down Impatiently
Solution: Pacing

Question: Whipped Dessert
Solution: Mousse

Question: Hollow Book By Irving And Film By Burton
Solution: Sleepy

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