Codycross New York, New York! Group 361 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers New York, New York!

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Codycross New York, New York! Answers

Question: 2018 Triple Crown Winner
Solution: Justify

Question: Ability To Read Ones Mind
Solution: Psychic

Question: Claude Impressionist Composer Of Nocturnes
Solution: Debussy

Question: Cupboard That Cools Food To Low Temperatures
Solution: Freezer

Question: Game Of Bloody Civil War Complete With Dragons
Solution: Thrones

Question: Lagos And Kano Are This Countrys Largest Cities
Solution: Nigeria

Question: Largest City In Scotland But Not Its Capital
Solution: Glasgow

Question: Someone Who Lacks Belief In The Existence Of Gods
Solution: Atheist

Question: Teased Or Mocked
Solution: Taunted

Question: The Third Component With Gases And Solids
Solution: Liquids

Question: Worlds Largest Inland Body Of Water Sea
Solution: Caspian

Question: Wrap Arms Around
Solution: Embrace

Question: Delight Ottoman Inspired Confections
Solution: Turkish

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