Codycross Pet Shop Group 343 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Pet Shop

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: 1983 Collaboration Between MJ And Paul McCartney
Solution: Say say say

Question: Eating Implement In China
Solution: Chopstick

Question: Follow Closely Pursue Keep In Ones Sight
Solution: Subsecute

Question: Former Name Of The White House Mansion
Solution: Executive

Question: Loud Mouthed Gavel Banger With TV Pulpit
Solution: Judge judy

Question: Lucky
Solution: Fortunate

Question: Male Who Operates The Machine That Records Actors
Solution: Cameraman

Question: Sand Detailed Model Created On Beaches
Solution: Sculpture

Question: Singer With Albums Frank And Back To Black
Solution: Winehouse

Question: Single Outer Shell Of A Racing Car Or Boat
Solution: Monocoque

Question: Travel The World
Solution: Globetrot

Question: On Elm Street Franchise With Freddy Krueger
Solution: Nightmare

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