Codycross Pet Shop Group 342 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Composed And Standing Ready
Solution: Poised

Question: Country Gaining Independence From Serbia In 2008
Solution: Kosovo

Question: Danger
Solution: Hazard

Question: Diego Husband Of Frida Kahlo
Solution: Rivera

Question: Greek God Of Sleep
Solution: Hypnos

Question: Indicate Signify
Solution: Denote

Question: Kate Hudsons Also Actress Mother Hawn
Solution: Goldie

Question: Monkey With Long Snout Genus Papio
Solution: Baboon

Question: Musical Shows Eg La Traviata Madama Butterfly
Solution: Operas

Question: Nagging Doubts Apprehensions Second Thoughts
Solution: Qualms

Question: Peter Pans Danced Around Instead Of Following Him
Solution: Shadow

Question: Salt Used To Dry Out Bodies Before Mummification
Solution: Natron

Question: Section Of Broccoli
Solution: Floret

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