Codycross Pet Shop Group 341 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Alexander The Greats Mother
Solution: Olympias

Question: Beggars Cant Be These
Solution: Choosers

Question: City Where The Novel Birth Of Venus Takes Place
Solution: Florence

Question: Famous Chess Playing Computer
Solution: Deep blue

Question: Fight Club And Troy Actor
Solution: Brad pitt

Question: Forcefully Advertising
Solution: Hard sell

Question: Foremost Part Of An Advancing Army
Solution: Vanguard

Question: Italian Composer Who Wrote Fountains Of Rome
Solution: Respighi

Question: One Who Returns Something To Its Original Condition
Solution: Restorer

Question: Rough Jarring Grating
Solution: Abrasive

Question: The First Letters Of Your First Name And Surname
Solution: Initials

Question: The Study Of Wines
Solution: Oenology

Question: To Distort A Screen Image Or Censor An Area
Solution: Pixelate

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