Codycross Pet Shop Group 341 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Pet Shop Answers

Question: Active At Night
Solution: Nocturnal

Question: Exploding Colors For Evening Spectacle
Solution: Fireworks

Question: Hollowness Bareness
Solution: Emptiness

Question: Incoherent State Of Mind
Solution: Delirious

Question: Inflammation Of The Intestines
Solution: Enteritis

Question: Ivy League University Located In New Jersey USA
Solution: Princeton

Question: Orbits Earth Transmitting Data
Solution: Satellite

Question: Study Of Seasonal Natural Phenomena
Solution: Phenology

Question: The Breaking Up Of A Group Or Crowd
Solution: Dispersal

Question: The Process Of Taking Food In
Solution: Ingestion

Question: What The Letter K Stands For In Baseball
Solution: Strikeout

Question: Woke Up Too Late
Solution: Overslept

Question: You Get Caught Between A Rock And Here
Solution: Hard place

Question: Sunday The Biggest US Sports Day Of The Year
Solution: Super bowl

Question: Butter Has Been Separated To Create Purer Fat
Solution: Clarified

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